Thunder is heard in the distance

Dark clouds are rolling in

Outside has become as dark as night

Streaks of lightning are illuminating within.


The shape of a funnel can be seen

Like a dancer, it tip-toes to the ground

Then pirouettes across the landscape

Making its way towards a town.


 The sound of the wind is deafening

It resembles that of a train

This tornado is doing a beautiful ballet

Drenching the earth with torrents of rain.


It touches the ground and then moves on

Destruction it leaves in its wake

Inching its way across the land

Whatever it wants it takes.


Debris is swirling through the air

As it gracefully does its dance

Continuing to twist and turn around

Like a steed, it starts to prance.


Just as quickly as it took shape

It dissipates into thin air

Becoming a part of the darkened sky

But I continue to watch and stare.


The surrounding land looks desolate

Deep gouges are here and there

Leaving its calling card for all to see

A thickness permeates the air.


The smell of dirt fills my nostrils

As the storm is now moving on

I glance quickly over my shoulder

To see the brightness of the dawn.


Different colors are now on the horizon

The arch of a rainbow can be seen

In the distance I see activity

The people are starting to convene.


The tornado left death and destruction

But we people have a resolve

We’ll pick up the pieces and continue on

Learning from this, we will evolve.











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